Geo Estimating, LLC. agrees to produce a digital “estimate” document with the work description set forth in the Invoice sent via email or via CCA form.

The quantities, numbers, scope, or any other information contained in the estimate document will have been compiled to the best of our knowledge. By utilizing or deriving any of the information contained in the final “estimate” document described above, you accept the information and quantities as accurate and waive any rights to any claims for errors in the information. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide accurate drawings and the scope of work. Geo Estimating, LLC. does not warranty any of the information contained in the “estimate” document. Geo Estimating, LLC. utilizes National Construction Estimator by Craftsman Book Company for obtaining local labor and material pricing. Geo Estimating, LLC is not responsible for variations in pricing between estimated database costs and final pricing. By hiring, Geo Estimating, LLC to produce the estimate you agree this estimate to be a guideline that is intended to be for informational purposes only. Our pricing and quantities are not professional recommendations rather strictly to be used as a guideline and resource to complete the pricing. Labor and material pricing varies by region, vendor, supplier, contractor, and installer, and is compiled based on a construction cost database that is updated periodically and is subject to change without notice. Labor rates adjusted manually will be per the client’s approved hourly rate.

Estimated delivery of “estimate” is usually 2-4 business days after the date of payment unless otherwise noted. The delivery date is an estimate and not guaranteed by the delivery window, nor is guaranteed by a customer’s bid or required date unless an expedite fee or guaranteed-by fee is included. Business days are defined as Monday-Friday, excluding all Holidays. In the event that an estimate is canceled after payment and prior to delivery, Geo Estimating, LLC will review and make a determination of the amount of the refund if any and will take into consideration costs incurred including labor costs, transaction fees, and other costs to determine any refunds. The minimum cancellation fee is 25% even if no work has been performed on the estimate. However, once payment is made, Geo Estimating, LLC reserves the right to refuse refunds and may issue a credit to be used for the next estimate(s).

A standard estimate consists of a spreadsheet with costs of labor, materials, subcontractor markup, contingency, supervision, equipment, construction costs. If providing a material list; Material lists provided are basic material list which includes preliminary quantities not necessarily including accessories, connectors, screws, and other miscellaneous items required for installation. These additional accessories are not included. Any revisions to estimates different than our standard delivery are considered additional work and may incur additional fees. Geo Estimating, LLC. is not required to perform any revisions once the delivery is made. Revisions are not considered part of the original product or service provided therefore are not required unless additional fees are collected.

Geo Estimating, LLC. reserves the right to use any media of any format, company name, project name, individual name, testimonial, estimate, documentation, PDFs, drawings, images, client logos, or any other information for marketing purposes unless a written agreement in the form of a Non-Disclosure Agreement has been provided by Geo Estimating, LLC or “client”. If any information is sensitive or is preferred to remain confidential, it is the responsibility of the client to notify us in writing so we may produce the proper Non-Disclosure Agreement to be signed by both parties.